Sticks planter bench


Sticks planter bench

Type: Accessories
Item number: B5712TAL
Stackable: No
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The Sticks Planter Bench is the perfect fusion of nature and style. Inspired by sticks and part of our Sticks series, it perfectly complements the Sticks Planters. By combining the planters and bench, you can create a captivating oasis in your outdoor space. Easily customize it with as many planters and benches as desired to achieve a unique look. The bench effortlessly clicks onto the planters for convenience. With its stick-inspired design, the bench exudes charm with built-in planters, crafting a tranquil seating area.

Stick planter bench (5712)
100 cm
39.3 inches *
50 cm
19.7 inches *
6 cm
2.4 inches *
9.45 kg
20.9 lbs *
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