Rest sunbed, single


Rest sunbed, single

Item number: 8510TXSG
Stackable: No
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The classic and elegant Rest single sunbed is the perfect place for enjoying the sun. The sunbed has an aesthetic design expression that invites you to enjoy the sunny days with the family. It is made from the durable and weather-resistant Cane-line materials and require only minimal maintenance. The comfy cushions include Cane-line QuickDry & Airflow system, which dries faster than traditional cushions. The Rest sunbed has two small wheels, which makes it very easy to move around. You can adjust the backrest in 4 different positions, so you can both lie flat and sit up. Lean back and enjoy lovely hours in the sun.

Rest sunbed, single (8510)
197 cm
77.6 inches *
68 cm
26.8 inches *
82 cm
32.3 inches *
Seat height:
34 cm
13.4 inches *
12 kg
26.5 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on
FrameAluminium / Cane-line Tex®
CushionCane-line Natté
QuickDry & Airflow systemYes (Read more)
CoverNo. 1

Aluminium maintenance manual

Cane-line Tex® maintenance manual

Cane-line Natté maintenance manual

Technical sheets