Divine footstool

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Divine footstool

Type: Accessories
Item number: 8320Y55
Stackable: No
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· Modern design · Durable polypropylene fabric · High lightfastness · Long lifespan · Cover is washable at 30 degrees · Minimal maintenance and cleaning

Divine footstool is a hand-made product with a unique fabric in Selected PP (polypropylene) suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The covering fabric is created by crochet technique. Crochet is performed by one crochet hook and takes one person many days of concentrated work. The pattern on top of the Divine footstool is an experience in itself and adds an extra dimension to this footstool, whether or not it is used indoor or outside.

It is recommended that the Divine footstool is stored inside or covered by a furniture cover during the fall and winter. This will help extend the life of the product.

Divine footstool (8320)
55 cm
21.7 inches *
55 cm
21.7 inches *
35 cm
13.8 inches *
3.82 kg
8.4216 lbs *
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MaterialSelected PP

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