How to choose the right outdoor furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture, there is multiple things to consider. An important thing to consider is the choice of material for your future outdoor furniture. With the choice of materials, there also comes a choice of maintenance. At Cane-line, we value strong materials, and we do not compromise with either quality or comfort. Furthermore, we believe that outdoor life should be enjoyed by relaxing in your furniture and not spending too much time on maintenance of them.

Sometimes, it can be a bit of a jungle to navigate among different types of materials. To help you make the right decision when choosing new outdoor furniture, we have made an overview of our different materials. In this overview, we will give you a thorough description of the material and tips on how to take the best care of your outdoor furniture.

Many of our series come in a broad selection that includes everything from dining chairs to lounge sofas. This gives you a great opportunity to mix and match our Cane-line series to suit your needs and desire.


Teak is a natural material and therefore it goes through a natural process. Over time it will patinate to an elegant silver-grey colour. If you wish to keep the warm glow and the beautiful golden-brown colour, it can easily be done. We recommend using our care products, Cane-line Care. This is a series of care products, specially developed for teak furniture. You can find our Cane-line Care products here.

We recommend that you use a cover for your outdoor teak furniture. This way, you will protect your Cane-line outdoor furniture throughout autumn and winter. As an alternative you can also store your outdoor furniture inside.

The minimalist look

An example of a simple and minimalist look with our Cane-line Weave® is the popular Breeze series. This series has a minimalist and timeless look and is with good reason one of our most popular series. Breeze is high on comfort, has an elegant design and offers low maintenance. The series is designed by the Danish design duo Strand+Hvass.

The natural look

The warm natural look you will see in series such as Basket or Nest outdoor series. This furniture may look very similar to the natural material rattan for indoor use, but it is produced in our strong Cane-line Weave® fibre, which is why the furniture can withstand being outside on the terrace.


To keep the quality and elegance of the outdoor furniture, we recommend a regular cleaning with a soft brush, soap and water. As an alternative the outdoor furniture can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner with a soft beam.

In months during autumn and winter, we recommend that you use a cover to protect your outdoor furniture against the weather. Alternatively, you can store your outdoor furniture inside.


Your outdoor furniture made of Cane-line Soft Rope is likely to stand outside for a longer period. Therefore, we recommend a regular cleaning with a soft brush, soap, and water. This way you reduce dirt such as fallen leafs, pollen and bird droppings, which in time will be hard to remove without regular cleaning. Another way to clean your Cane-line Soft Rope furniture is to use a high-pressure cleaner with a soft beam.

We recommend that you use a cover for your Cane-line outdoor furniture, especially in the period where your furniture is outside, and you do not use them.