Peacock lounge chair w/swivel aluminium base


Peacock lounge chair w/swivel aluminium base

Type: Lounge
Item number: 5458RODGSWB
Stackable: No
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Peacock lounge chair is a modern piece of furniture designed by the Danish design duo Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen MDD. Its unique shape gives the lounge chair a visually beautiful design with a comfortable fit. Peacock lounge chair is available in durable materials, which are ideal for outdoor use in any climate, as all materials are temperature and UV-resistant, while requiring minimal maintenance. Peacock will fit any outdoor area due to its choice of materials and unique look. Sit down and relax in the Peacock lounge chair.

Width: 91 cm | 35.9 inches *

Depth: 93 cm | 36.6 inches *

Height: 85 cm | 33.5 inches *

Seat height: 35 cm | 13.8 inches *

Seat depth: 67 cm | 26.4 inches *

Weight: 16.95 kg | 37.4 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on

CategorySwivel lounge chair
FrameCane-line Soft Rope / Aluminium 
CushionCane-line Natté, Cane-line Focus
FunctionAble to turn 360° around
CoverNo. 11

Aluminium maintenance manual

Cane-line Soft Rope maintenance manual

Cane-line Natté maintenance manual

Cane-line Focus maintenance manual

Technical sheets