Kingston sunchair w/wheels


Kingston sunchair w/wheels

Item number: 5448LW
Stackable: No
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***· Modern and timeless design · Stackable · Furniture can stand outside all year round · High lightfastness · Long lifespan · Minimal maintenance and cleaning ***

The Kingston sunchair is a very special experience. The sunchair is a beautiful and sculptural piece of furniture to look at and extremely comfortable to sit in. Attention is gathered around the beautiful back, which both breaks the wind but also captures the rays of the sun. Comfort is a high priority, and when the sunchair is combined with the matching footstool, you can put your legs up and enjoy hours of pure relaxation. This version comes with wheels that makes it easy to move around the patio. It can rotate 360 degrees so you are able to catch the rays of the sun easily.

Kingston sunchair w/wheels (5448)
92 cm
36.3 inches *
102 cm
40.2 inches *
98 cm
38.6 inches *
Seat height:
31 cm
12.3 inches *
Seat depth:
60 cm
23.7 inches *
13.5 kg
29.7621 lbs *
Kingston cushion set for sunchair (5448)
70 cm
27.6 inches *
70 cm
27.6 inches *
13 cm
5.2 inches *
2.6 kg
5.732 lbs *
* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on
FrameCane-line Weave / Galvanized steel 
CushionCane-line Natté, Cane-line Link
FunctionAble to turn 360° around
CoverNo. 21

Powder coated hot dip galvanized steel maintenance manual

Cane-line Weave® maintenance manual

Cane-line Natté maintenance manual

Cane-line Link maintenance manual

Technical sheets