Twist coffee table, medium

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Twist coffee table, medium

Type: Lounge
Item number: 5011T-P70HPSDG
Stackable: No
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Twist is an elegant, decorative and practical coffee table made for both indoor and outdoor use. The duo behind the design is byKATO, known for their modern and detailed design and craftsmanship of high quality. The Twist table is the perfect addition to the lounge environment or as a small side table to the favorite space in the garden. Twist can stand alone, or be combined in a cluster of Twist tables of different sizes, as the tables is of different heights and can fit under each other. Twist is made of a teak frame and a table top in either Cane-line HI-Core, ceramic or compact laminate (HPL). Twist is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Height: 41 cm | 16.2 inches *

Diameter: 70 cm | 27.6 inches *

Weight: 1.94 kg | 4.3 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on

CategoryCoffee table
Table topCane-line HI-Core / Ceramic / HPL

Teak maintenance manual

Ceramic maintenance manual

HPL high pressure laminate maintenance manual

Cane-line HI-Core maintenance manual

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