Core highback chair, stackable (8436)


Core highback chair, stackable (8436)

Type: Lounge
SKU: 8436SFTG-233

Our Core highback lounge chair is designed to make your life as comfortable as possible no matter whether you wish to enjoy a few moments rest or enjoy a long and relaxing evening. Like the other products in the Core series, we have here managed to combine our comfortable Cane-line SoftTouch® fabric with QuickDryFoam®. By quilting the fabric to the frame we have created a look normally seen in indoor furniture – and most importantly you can just leave it outdoor with a minimum of maintenance.

Width: 69 cm | 27.2 inches *

Depth: 95 cm | 37.5 inches *

Height: 100 cm | 39.4 inches *

Seat height: 41 cm | 16.2 inches *

Armrest height: 58 cm | 22.9 inches *

Weight: 10 kg | 22.05 lbs *

* Measurements & weight displayed do not include any selected add-on

CategoryHighback chair

Cane-line SoftTouch®

QuickDry & Airflow systemsNo

Aluminium maintenance manual

Cane-line SoftTouch® maintenance manual

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