Arrow rug, dia 140 cm.

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Arrow rug, dia 140 cm.

Type: Accessories
Item number: 78140Y24
Stackable: No
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Arrow is a modern rug with a playful design expression in high quality materials. Arrow has a flat weave and structure that makes it very comfy to walk on, even barefooted on a warm summer day. The graphic design pattern consists of small arrows in balanced colours providing a playful colour scheme to your space. It is developed in UV-resistant, antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials – all criteria that makes Arrow a durable rug with a long lifespan. The Arrow rug can be used for both your indoor and outdoor space. The rug can easily be cleaned with lukewarm water and a brush. You can also use a pressure washer with a soft jet.

Arrow rug, dia 140 cm.
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