Natural sunbeds made of teak



The theme for this year’s summer vacation is without a doubt “staycation”. A phenomenon that supports the idea of staying home for the summer instead of travelling abroadDue to the corona virus, the traditional summer vacation is different for many of us this year, as vacation far from home has been replaced with your own terrace, cottage and local beaches.  

At Cane-line, we believe there is something about the phrase “there is no place like home”. We believe that it does not have to be boring and quiet, just because we stay at home on our own terrace.  

This is your opportunity to prioritize your outdoor space. To create the same atmosphere that you know from your previous vacations. Create the perfect space where you can relax and enjoy the summer away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

We introduce inspiring outdoor spaces from our lovely customerswho has succeeded in creating a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere, which we deeply admire.   

Outdoor lounge area with comfortable outdoor lounge furniture with sculptural shape

A cosy corner in the shadow 

When the sun is at its highest, it is nice with a break in the shadow. A lounge area with a soft sofa and lounge chair is ideal for a perfect setup and does not require much space. The aim is to create a relaxing vibe, where you can read a book or have a cold drink, such as homemade lemonade. If you do not have a shadow spot in your garden, then it would be ideal to choose a parasol.   

Outdoor dining area with elegant outdoor dining chairs

The garden party 

It has its advantages that everyone is staying home this summer. This gives plenty of opportunities to host garden parties and gather friends and family. Exploit the warm and light summer nights by moving the dining area outside. Cane-line has a large range of outdoor tables and chairs that suits your needs, and furniture you can leave safely outside in case of rain.   

Comfortable outdoor sunbeds

The perfect spot to enjoy the sun 

To create the best vacation vibes in your garden, then there must be a place to enjoy the warm rays of the sun. A comfortable sunbed could be a good spot, where you can lay and enjoy the sun, while listening to music or audiobooks. Decorate with a small table on the side, so you always have your cold drink nearby.  

Outdoor kitchen area with teak elements and bar section

Outdoor kitchen with all-inclusive 

If you wish to go all-in on the vacation vibes and luxurious, then an outdoor kitchen might be the right solution for you. With an outdoor kitchen you can extend the time you spend outside. In addition, you will never be too far from snacks and drinks, when you are sitting outside and enjoying life. The outdoor kitchen is also the perfect place for socializing with your guests, while preparing delicious drinks and food.  

There is plenty of opportunities to create the right vacation atmosphere. Whether you are in for relaxation on the sunbed or the cosy moments with friends in the lounge area, you can find much inspiration on our Pinterest and Instagram. 

Cane-line wishes you and your family a lovely summer and staycation. Feel free to share your summer moments with us on Instagram by using #canelinemoments.   

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